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Phillies Top 30 Prospects at Midseason 2011, Part 1

We’re close to the midpoint of the minor league baseball season, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at how the Phillies’ prospects are faring as they work their way towards Citizens Bank Park.

I’ll work off of the top 30 list from Phuture Phillies, as James did a great job with it and it’s remarkably comprehensive.

Part 1: Prospects 30 – 21 is after the jump…

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What is it that causes us to “grow up?” What I mean is not the physical growth where we turn from kids into adolescents and then adults, and I certainly don’t mean the process of acquiring the trappings of a grown-up life — job, house, kids, money, etc. Because we all know that there are grown-ups who act like children, and there are children whose circumstances force them to be grown-ups.

I’m talking about becoming the sort of person who is an adult: intellectually, and more importantly, emotionally. The person who properly takes the blame when he’s made a mistake, who shows up on time, who is open to new and rational ideas, and who is honest with himself and his family about who he is. You need not go to college to be this sort of person, nor have a serious job, or a big house, or win any awards. Simply put, living your life well on a daily basis is enough. If there’s food on the table, a roof overhead, then that is enough.

I don’t recall magically becoming more adult when I went to college, or when I turned a certain age. Being 21 may have qualified me to buy alcohol in the United States, but that arbitrary benchmark wasn’t it either. It was gradual, for sure. I grew to realize that my parents had given me an exceptional head start into this world, and that I love my two older sisters very much, and the four of them alone constituted the best friends I can and will ever have.

And it’s never done — this growing-up thing. Even when I’m done school, I want to keep learning, maybe more than I do now, with a year left in my college education. I can continue to be more punctual, because being late is one of the more selfish things I’m capable of, and it’s not fair to anyone who expects me to make him or her wait. And I can always be a better friend, son, grandson, student, brother, and athlete.

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And also, God Bless America.

First Things

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And also, God Bless America.